Renormalization Seminar Fall 2019

This seminar aims to briefly discuss a few different manifestations of renormalization in differential equations, dynamical systems, and statistical physics. Our goal will be to arrive at a better intuitive understanding of what renormalization is, with the hope of using this as a launching point for future discussions during next semester’s Simons Center Program.

This is intended to be a discussion-based seminar. People with any level of background are welcome, and everyone is encouraged to ask questions.


Here are some links to relevant materials as they come up.


SpeakerDateTopicSource Sections
Matthew Dannenberg11/01/2019Similarity Solutions and ‘Anomalous Dimensions’ of the Heat Equation and Barenblatt’s EquationGoldenfeld 10.1-3
El Mehdi Ainasse11/04/2019Renormalization of Barenblatt’s EquationGoldenfeld 10.4
Matthew Dannenberg11/11/2019Divergences in Perturbation Theory and RenormalizationGoldenfeld 10.5-6
Timothy Alland11/18/2019Unimodal Maps and Their Combinatorial StructureParts of Collet-Eckmann II.1-4
Paul Frigge11/25/2019The Influence of Combinatorics on Sensitivity and Period Doubling PhenomenaParts of Collet-Eckmann II.1-2, II.6-7, III.1
Lim Willie12/2/2019Renormalization of Unimodal Maps and Feigenbaum UniversalityParts of Collet-Eckmann I.3, I.4, I.6, III.3
Ying Hong Tham12/09/2019A Brief Overview of Statistical Mechanics and the Ising ModelTBD
TBD12/16/2019Renormalization and Phase Transitions in the 1D and 2D Ising ModelsTBD